Bus terminal

The new international bus terminal is located in the northern part of Ashgabat city, on the 7th km of the Ashgabat-Dashoguz highway.

The total area of the bus station is 7.5 hectares, its total useful area consisting of all engineering and amenity facilities is 9020 square meters, and includes:

  • Bus terminal area 7174 square meters;
  • Administrative building area 1182 square meters;
  • Area of the hotel 724 square meters.

Two-story international bus station has 4 platforms, and is built in the shape of a steering wheel. The platforms are connected with 50 room hotel building and administrative building through the gallery. This will create more comfort for passengers.

International bus station can serve 48 passengers at a time, or 2000 passengers per dat. At the moment, the area around the bus station are being beautified, gardens are planted on its eastern side, and on its western side 100 vehicle capacity car parking lot has been constructed and is ready to serve citizens. Besides, there were also technical maintenance and vehicle washing facilities constructed.

At the bus station the bus traffic is directed counterclockwise. This allows insuring unimpeded and smooth entry of buses to the Ashgabat-Dashoguz highway.

The two-story building of the international bus station is painted in silver metal color, and the windows in the building have an aerodynamic shape. In the corners of the building there were set installations representing 5 national symbols of provinces, which will be illuminated at evenings at different colors.

At the main terminal of the bus station there is a waiting hall for 260 passengers. The waiting hall is built in the shape of an ellipse, in the center of which there are 2 stands equipped with 4 LED monitors for providing information to passengers about the bus schedule.

The building is equipped with two escalators and two elevators. The bus station can service international, inter-city and city routes intended at transporting passengers.

Bus Terminal Contacts:

Admin Department: +99(312) 44-35-30

Inquiry Service: +99(312) 44-35-35

Dispatcher: +99(312) 44-35-31

Hotel: +99(312) 44-35-49