New bus routes opened in Ashgabat

In order to provide new residential areas, social and cultural facilities of Ashgabat with transport communication, the Agency "Turkmenautoulaglary" of the Ministry of industry and communication of Turkmenistan has created new routes of municipal vehicles.
Two socially significant routes No. 41 and No. 68 have been launched. Hyundai buses of large capacity serve them.  Bus number 41 runs along the route "Avtokombinat-Atamurat Niyazov Avenue-andaliba street-Atamurat Niyazov Avenue — "Altyn Asyr "Bazar". Bus route No. 68 runs on the way "Bagir-Gerogly street-Herrickgala-Gurbansoltan edzhe Avenue — ABA Annayev street — Makhtumkuli Avenue — Atamurat Niyazov Avenue — "Altyn Asyr" Bazar»