Iran will increase transit flows in the region

As noted in the first half of 2022, five transit trains following from the north-east of Russia passed through the territory of Iran.

Having passed through the territories of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, the trains arrived in Iran across the border in Sarakhs. The total travel distance was 4000 kilometers.

Moving along the North-South transport corridor, trains cover 1600 kilometers within Iran. Heading to the ocean port of Shahid Rajaee, located in the Hormozgan province in southern Iran. The developed transport infrastructure and the advantageous position of the port on the coast of the Persian Gulf contribute to the increase in regional transit flows.

At the first ministerial summit on transit cooperation held in Tehran on October 8 and 9, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan signed a joint document on strengthening transit.

According to preliminary data, by 2023 it is possible to achieve up to 20 million tons of cargo transit between the above-mentioned countries. In the future, it is planned to achieve the goal of 50 million tons.