About agency

In the Prosperous epoch of powerful state, under the wise leadership of our Esteemed President, the country's automobile industry that is equipped with modern cars of the world's leading companies is developing rapidly. 

Modern buses and taxi cars purchased by the Esteemed President provide high-quality services to passengers, guests of the country, and participants of state-level events. 

In order to meet the transportation needs of the population of Turkmenistan and ensure high-quality passenger transportation, the relevant departments and subdivisions of the Turkmenawtoulaglary Agency carry out passenger transportation along 607 routes, of which 168 are urban, 336 suburban, and 103 intercity routes. Also, the relevant departments provide high-quality bus services for passenger transportation to order.

From the beginning of 2021 to the present, 26 bus routes have been opened and 22 bus routes have been modified to meet the needs of the population and provide high-quality services.

Modern passenger taxi cars, purchased by the Esteemed President, provide passengers with high-quality taxi services in the capital and the provinces of our country.

A system of non-cash electronic payments has been deployed in the city buses of the capital to provide high-quality transportation services and create favorable conditions for passengers. Taxis were equipped with special devices to make payments for services via the internet. Also, GPS/Glonass systems were installed on buses, passenger cars, taxis, and trucks owned by enterprises in provinces. Additionally, you can purchase tickets from the capital to provinces on intercity and suburban routes online.

Trucks are also widely used in various sectors of the national economy, in the construction industry of our country, as well as for the transportation of grain and other crops grown in Turkmenistan. In addition, trucks with semi-trailers of a KAMAZ 5490 (4x2) truck tractor and a NEFAZ-93341 tow truck are located at checkpoints across the State Border and are widely used in the transportation of goods throughout the country.