First road bridge between China and Russia opened

The opening of the first automobile bridge connecting Russian Blagoveshchensk and Chinese Heihe was held on June 10. Eight trucks were sent across the bridge from both sides.

The total length of the bridge is 1080 meters. Each of the parties participating in the project, Russian and Chinese, erected 540 meters each. The total length of the bridge crossing is 20 kilometers. This includes 6 kilometers of road in China and 13 kilometers of access roads in Russia, including a 278-meter bridge across the Kanikurgan channel.

Due to coronavirus restrictions in China, only freight transport will travel on it for now. According to the technical specifications, 630 trucks, 164 buses and 68 cars can pass through the bridge daily.

Thus, 4 containers of soybean oil and 4 containers of lumber left Russia through the first cross-border crossing to China. 6 containers with car tires and 2 with electrical goods were imported from China to Russia.