Sales of new trucks may fall by 35% in Russia

This year, Russia is expected to reduce the market for new trucks, the gross weight of which is over 6 tons, by about a third. This follows from the analytical forecast of the agency Russian Automotive Market Research.

According to the baseline forecast, sales in 2022 will decrease by 28,67% compared to 2021 and amount to 62,150 units, according to the pessimistic one - by 35,15% to 56 500 units.

The base scenario of the forecast assumes that sanctions against the Russian Federation will remain until the end of 2022. “KamAZ” will continue to sell “simple” truck configurations on a monthly basis at the level of April figures in May-November 2022 and increase sales volumes in December. GAZ, URAL and MAZ will keep their monthly vehicle sales at the level of March-April from May to September and increase them in the IV quarter.

In the second half of 2022, Chinese companies will be able to establish logistics chains for the supply of cars and components to Russia and keep sales volumes at or slightly below April figures. Trucks, the supply of which to the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited, will be brought into the country by parallel import in small volumes.

The Russian economy will be in a depressed state until the end of 2022, but without sharp declines. On June 1, Rosstat presented a report according to which 19 900 cars were produced in Russia in April 2022, which is 85,4% (6,8 times) lower than in the same period last year. In the first four months of this year, Russian car factories produced 264 000 passenger cars, which is 47,4% less than in 2021.