Members of the State Security Council instructed to develop a seven-year plan for the development of law enforcement agencies

A meeting of the State Security Council of Turkmenistan was held on May 5. During which the esteemed President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov instructed to develop and submit a plan for the development of military and law enforcement agencies for 2022-2028 in a short time. The specific instruction in this regard were given to the Secretary of the State Security Council, Minister of Defense B. Gundogdyev.

As informs the State News Agencies of Turkmenistan, the head of state stressed that the plans, based on international best practices, should provide for measures to organize the activities of these bodies at a more modern level.

The esteemed President, continuing his speech, noted that after the adoption of the plans, the successful implementation of the tasks and activities envisaged in them should be kept under strict control.