Protection against infection in public transport were told to turkmen citizens

How Turkmen citizens can protect themselves from infections in public transport, the journalists of the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper told.

The precautions remain the same. Please try to maintain social distancing and wear personal protective equipment.

Citizens were advised, if possible, to walk part of the way to their homes, but it is better to order a taxi or use custom cars of an enterprise or company.

Residents are advised not to get on busy buses and wait for the next one, noting that transport runs on schedule with an interval of only a few minutes.

“Neutral Turkmenistan” journalists believe that one should sit on the bus in such a way that at least one empty seat remains. It is especially important to distance yourself or turn away from people who are coughing or sneezing. Avoid touching handrails and use a plastic travel card when paying to avoid paying with cash, which can also be a source of infection.