In Ashgabat, the route of the bus number 17 was changed

The Ashgabat passenger motor transport enterprise of the "Turkmenavtoulaglary" Agency, in order to properly meet the needs of the population in road transport and achieve high quality and culture of provided road transport services, announces the change from bus route № 17 "Avtokombinat-Avtomenzil" from December 20, 2021.

Bus 17 on the route "Avtokombinat - Avtomenzil" departs from the point of departure "Avtokombinat". It moves along the route A. Niyazov avenue - A. Garliyev street - Gorogly street - S. Turkmenbashi avenue – Magtymguly avenue - Andalib street - Vatan street - A. Niyazov avenue - O. Annayev street, and moving in a circle around Archabil, goes back from the point appointments "Avtomenzil" on Archabil Avenue - O. Annayev Avenue - A. Niyazov Avenue - Vatan Street - Andalib Street - G. Bashyev Street - Andalib Street - Magtymguly Avenue - S. Turkmenbashi Avenue - Gerogly Street - A. Garlyev Street, continuing to move along A. Niyazov Avenue, arrives at the final stop "Avtokombinat".